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It’s Lonely In The Middle

The Lone Independent is a diary of sorts documenting my thoughts on the current state of politics in our country and since I currently reside in Wisconsin, our local politics will be fair game as well. After all who could resist writing about our local embarrassment, Ron Johnson?

I have spent time in both parties wetting my teeth as a Republican back in the days of Reagan eventually moving away from the party after seeing how bad it was becoming. This became especially apparent after moving to the political wasteland of South Dakota where the Democratic party goes to die. I briefly turned to the Democratic Party during the Bush years but soon discovered that that was just as bad. 15 years ago I finally realized that our 2 party system had been corrupted by money and radicalism and haven’t looked back. Party before country is not for me.

This site’s purpose is mainly to provide me a place to vent but I do welcome your comments as long as they add to the discussion and don’t disparage someone else who feels the need to comment here. First time commenters will be sent to moderation but once your comment clears moderation you will be free to comment without moderation going forward. Even with that said I will not tolerate rude or disparaging comments at any time even from those that have commented before.

Anyhow, welcome to the Lone Independent!

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