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Hyper Partisanship

The January 6th committee has been the target of Republicans from day 1. They complain that it was a sham and that it was a partisan witch hunt aimed at Donald Trump. Of course they never mention that when it was being formed, Democrats begged Republicans to be a part of the process but yet only 2 stepped forward much to the detriment of their future political aspirations.

Last night the January 6th committee held a primetime event where they laid out much of their findings and showed interviews and never before seen video of the events of that day which painted a pretty clear picture of what happened. Interviews included Trump’s Attorney General, his daughter Ivanka, and the documentary film maker embedded with the Proud Boys who was responsible for much of the video evidence that the committee used.

Most of the presented evidence pointed to the “Steal”, Trump’s claim that the 2020 election was stolen, being a figment of Trump’s imagination and that his claim was directly responsible for much of what transpired on January 6th. Unfortunately for the GOP, they dismissed the committee and were therefore not able to present any evidence they might have had to the contrary.

Now I did say that the GOP’s refusal to participate was unfortunate, I should have probably said that it would have been unfortunate if this had occurred in the past.

Today’s hyper partisanship has people on both sides of the spectrum believing only sources that they agree with. Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, Facebook buddies, all present an extremely slanted view of the news and if their preferred source says it isn’t true, they automatically believe them.

In this case Fox News has slanted their reporting towards the far right’s claims of stolen elections and even went so far as to not even televise one of the bigger news events of the year. Their loyal viewers therefore continue to dismiss anything that might tarnish their Lord and Savior Donald Trump’s image and could care less what the committee presents.

This is where I meant that the fact that Republicans refused to participate might not have been that unfortunate. I believe that the Democrats could have produced video evidence of Trump leading the charge up the Capitol steps on January 6th and the Trump supporters would have spun it into Trump was trying to save his pals in Congress from the Democrats false flag operation led by Hillary Clinton.

Hyper partisanship in action…

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