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Sign Of The Times

It is almost certain that this far right biased Supreme Court will be loosening most regulations we have regarding guns in the upcoming sessions and with loosening restrictions already going into effect in places like Ohio, guns will be everywhere. While this is a gun lovers wet dream there will be and in fact have already been increasing consequences.

First off , more guns in the wild most certainly will mean more guns getting into the hands of criminals. And more people carrying guns mean more incidents caused by “law abiding” gun toters that have severe impulse control. For evidence of this one only needs to look at the shooting at a Subway in Georgia yesterday. A 24 year old employee was shot and killed apparently because she put too much mayonnaise on a guys sandwich! If that isn’t a crime punishable by death I don’t know what is!

Here in the Milwaukee area where I live, we hear about road rage incidents pretty much weekly where some “law abiding citizen” takes issue with someone’s driving and instead of honking their horn like a normal asshole they pull out their gun and shoot them.

These are but a few examples and the number of occurrences currently pale to the number of overall shootings in the country but just imagine how bad this will get when every “law abiding” hothead is carrying a gun. This will happen and we will have Trumps Supreme Court and of course the NRA to thank.

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