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Your Tax Dollars At Work

Trump’s “Stop the Steal” bamboozle has been prevalent in GOP controlled Wisconsin since the 2020 election. Last year our House Speaker Robin Vos commissioned former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman to investigate claims of election fraud in Wisconsin. To date Gableman has yet to provide any evidence to prove fraud and has spent over $900,000 out of an initially approved amount of 676,000 in tax payer funds for that investigation.

Earlier today Gableman was called to testify over his refusal to produce records requested by an open records request. Some of these documents were reportedly deleted by Gableman and during his testimony Gableman shows what our tax dollars have gotten us.

Remember, this is coming from a former Supreme Court justice.

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Gun Control And Hunter Biden?

Wisconsin’s own Ron Johnson is a favorite interview for both the left and the right. The right gets their talking points regurgitated without fail and the left gets stupid personified. One of Johnson’s latest interviews was with a reporter from CNN who asked him his thoughts on waiting periods for gun sales for individuals under 21.

So how did Ron Johnson respond? Well it certainly didn’t have anything to do with waiting periods!

My main point on any kind of gun control is, let’s enforce the laws that we have. And let’s do it within a justice system that applies the laws equally. Maybe we should start with what Hunter Biden did in terms of his own background checks.

Maybe a new drinking game where one drinks each time Johnson mentions Hunter Biden?